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Therapy for Individuals, Couples and Families

At B&B Counseling Services we believe in meeting you where you are and working toward the goals you set for yourself. We use many different therapeutic techniques and tools, allowing you to create a treatment plan that will leave you feeling worthwhile and valuable. The counselors here focus on their own specialties while teaching and learning from the others. We have a friendly, family-like atmosphere allowing us to enjoy our careers and focus on your needs and wants in therapeutic relationships. Our clients see us enjoying and learning from each other while remaining professional and focused on ethical boundaries.

Beliefs and Boundaries are the two main aspects of our functioning that can get thrown off by our experiences in life. Here at B&B, we will use appropriate tools to help you identify how you want to grow at this time in your life. If you want to problem-solve a current issue, we will help. If you want to prepare for a potential future issue, we will help. If you want to address past issues that continue to affect you today, we will help with that as well! While we have many treatment options, we will not attempt to force any, but rather work with you on developing a treatment plan that will be most effective to achieve your goals. Our only goal is to see you through the processes of change, leaving you feeling strong and ready to function in healthy ways.

Our child therapists work with you, school representatives, and any other necessary parties to identify treatment plans that best fit the needs of each client they meet. They use therapy to help decrease unhealthy behaviors, while increasing strengths and self-confidence. When our younger clients come for their sessions, they are excited and ready to work. Our therapists make getting healthy less scary and more fun. When clients need to go through the hard times to make progress, they know their therapist will support and protect their feelings, allowing a higher willingness to experience change.

We are very proud of our therapists and the significant skills they have developed over the years. Please read our bios for specific information on each therapist. If you remain unsure of who would be best for your therapeutic needs, please call (309) 648-9939 and Wendy will be glad to help you.

B&B Therapists specialize in the following disorders:

Anger ManagementEmotional Disturbance
AddictionAcademic Underachievement
Alcohol AbuseAntisocial Personality
Anxiety or FearsAsperger?s Syndrome
Attention Deficit (ADHD)Behavioral Issues
Bi-Polar DisorderBorderline Personality
Chronic ImpulsivityChronic Pain or Illness
Chronic RelapseDepression
DivorceDomestic Abuse/Violence
Dual DiagnosisEating Disorders
EntitlementFamily Conflict
GamblingInternet Addiction
Learning DisabilitiesLife Coaching
Loss or GriefMood Disorders
Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)Oppositional Defiance
ParentingRelationship Issues
Self EsteemSelf-Harm
Sex TherapySexual Abuse
Sexual AddictionSleep or Insomnia
SpiritualitySubstance Abuse
Suicidal IdeationTeen Violence
Trauma and PTSDVideo Game Addiction
Elderly Persons DisordersImpulse Control Disorders
Personality DisordersThinking Disorders
Bisexual IssuesGay Issues
Lesbian IssuesTranssexual Issues

What is Neurofeedback?

It all begins with brainwaves. What are brainwaves?

Brainwaves are the sum total of millions of neurons all firing at once. The number of neurons sparking in the brain at a certain frequency (speed) convey information that defines the amplitude (or power). Brainwaves are measured in Hertz (waves per second), and have a spectrum of frequencies. Each frequency spectrum carries a different meaning about emotions, physical movement, concentration, and creative expression. Issues happen when specific frequencies do not fire optimally for a given activity. For example, it is not optimal for beta frequency, the ?go? brainwave, to be dominant at night or it causes insomnia. By the same token, delta, the ?sleep? brainwave causes daytime drowsiness and insomnia if is too active during the day.


B&B Counseling Services therapists are consistently focused on offering techniques that have been proven most effective. We provide the following services at a highly qualified and professional capacity:

EMDREEG BiofeedbackChild Therapy
Career CounselingCognitive Behavioral TherapyReality Therapy
Relaxation TechniquesStress ReductionPlay Therapy
Guided ImageryCouples TherapyGroup Therapy
12-Step Recovery SupportHarm Reduction SupportPsychiatric Referrals
Sand Tray TherapyTrauma Recovery TherapyAnd much more!

Please feel free to ask questions about any of these services.

We are proud to offer BrainPaint!

This is an EEG Biofeedback program found to help increase relaxation and focus. Our clients feel more in control of their feelings, thoughts, and reactions after using this program. It is also commonly used to address ADHD showing the same level of effectiveness as stimulant medications without the risk of relapse. The effects of this program are permanent when the client finishes the program successfully. Please contact us, or visit BrainPaint.com for more information!




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