Best money managing apps

Managing your money is easier than ever thanks to these apps that help you budget wisely.

1. Mint

Mint allows you to manage your money by syncing your bank account, credit cards, and monthly bills in one convenient place.

2. Level Money

This app also allows you to sync all your accounts in one place and then gives you a "spendable" amount, which is the money you can afford to spend each day.

3. Penny

Have a money question and don't know who can help? Ask Penny! This app links all of your accounts and will send you text updates daily and even allows you to text money questions. You will receive an informed answer based on your financial standing within minutes.

4. You Need a Budget (YNAB)

If you need to budget down to every penny, this is the app for you. Micro-manage your finances and allocate every cent in your bank account using YNAB.

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