Keegan's Haunted Haven

Raising awareness for Keegan's Krew anti-bullying program

The event has to do with Keegan Beal, the 11-year-old who committed suicide this year after being bullied. 

One of the goals of Keegan's Krew is to turn Keegan's home into a Safe Haven. Keegan's Krew believes that every child needs a place to go to feel safe and loved. They are designing Keegan's Safe Haven to have rooms dedicated to areas that Keegan found therapeutic, such as art, music, reading, etc. They have countless volunteers on standby, ready to offer their expertise in the above fields and more! They even have Chefs that are ready to teach kids how to create their own masterpieces and hairstylists who look forward to pampering the kids while giving them a chance to talk about their day. While the Haven has a long way to go, the Halloween party is the first chance to introduce you to our location, and more importantly to give parents a chance to meet us and let us know what kind of resources they would like to see provided at Keegan's Safe Haven.

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