How to Master Your Photography Skills

Published 07/07 2011 03:46PM

Updated 07/07 2011 04:49PM

Tips for Taking Better Pictures of Kids from Kara Kamienski. You can check out Kara's website and blog here.

WHO?  Kids may not always like pictures, but they always like to play.  Let them interact with someone or something- and catch their expressions this way!

WHAT?  Sometimes the most precious pictures of kids aren't just their faces.  Don't hesitate to zoom in on just their toes, their hands, their cute little legs!  Or- really zone in on their eyes, their noses!  There are no rules you have to have the whole head in the frame!

WHEN?  The BIGGEST misconception is sunny days are good for pictures!  To the contrary- cloudy, dreary days are the best!  An hour after sun up or an hour before sundown is the best time to shoot outside!  If there is no way to avoid it-always look for shade!

WHERE?  Think outside of the box!  Flowers and gardens are pretty, but photographers these days are finding 'beauty among the ashes'. Old buildings, railroad tracks, lone country roads, overgrown grass.  And remember that depth of field can vary your picture as well!  You can take a picture with your kiddo right against the flowers, but then move them out 10 feet or so so that the flowers blend into the background and your child truly becomes the subject in focus.

HOW?  Take those cameras off of auto!!  An easy setting is the Aperture setting.  This simple change can add a lot of depth to your photos and the 'blurry backgrounds' that a lot of people desire.

WHY?  The formal portraits are always great But don't hesitate to be ready to grab your camera when kids are being who they are.  Bubble baths, running in the sprinkler, eating popsicles, whatever your family loves!

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