CI Heroes: Nancy Borum, the Force Behind Bikers for Ta-Ta's

Published 07/15 2014 11:19AM

Updated 11/07 2014 12:17PM

      Our world can be full of negativity.
      You hear stories of crime and violence almost every day.
      People hurt people, but people can also offer hope and healing.  We're on a mission to find them and share their stories of good in central Illinois. It's our new segment, CI Heroes, and our first story shares the inspiration behind this Saturday's Bikers for Ta-Ta's ride.
      A love for motorcycles and a desire to stop a deadly disease.  That is what led Nancy Borum to start Bikers for Ta-Ta's.  She says it began in 2008 with about 10 bikes and 15 people. It raised around $150. That first ride was for Nancy's co-worker who had breast cancer. It was also for other survivors close to her heart. Ann Jameson, Nancy's mom, says, "I found this out and had surgery the day after our 50th wedding anniversary."
     Nancy's grandmother and sister have gotten that same diagnosis so year after year she has kept fighting and riding to make it the large event it is today. It is now around 1,228 bikes and close to 2,000 people. Nancy tells us, "It's amazing, just to see the generosity in bikers and people and the volunteers I have."
     Bikers for Ta-Ta's raised $38,000 for breast cancer awareness just last year. They have raised more than $100,000 since that first ride 6 years ago. The money goes to Unity Point Health, Methodist's Breast Health Center and the Mammovan. The van travels Peoria and surrounding areas, catering to any woman needing a breast exam. You don't need a doctor's order or insurance. Their focus is on breast health. Betsy Fannin, Nancy's sister, says, "Just make sure you get your yearly mammograms. It's very important. That's how mine was found. I had them every year up to that point, and to think if I had missed that one, how bad it coulda been." "After Betsy got diagnosed, it can be anybody. It can happen to anybody and I am glad she got checked every year," says Nancy.
     This humble hero plans to keep spreading the message and riding for awareness to save her family, her friends, and to save complete strangers.
     The Bikers for Ta-Ta's ride is this Saturday at 9 am. It is $20 per person and starts at the American Legion, 4501 S. Airport Rd. There will be food, music, and raffles.

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