Home cooking defines Our Town restaurant

By Erica Quednau | equednau@wcia.com

Published 06/04 2014 01:02PM

Updated 06/04 2014 06:21PM

GIFFORD -- It's hometown cooking with a heart. Bibbs sits downtown and, even though it's only been in town a few years, it's making a name for itself, not just for its food. WCIA-3's Erica Quednau explains.

If you see what manager Lorin Schluter is wearing, the name makes sense. It seems he's rarely caught wearing anything else in town.

"Why not call it Bibbs?"

The rest was history for these two friends. Lorin Schluter and Terry Grant run Bibbs in Our Town Gifford. Terry makes the pies and salads. Lorin takes care of the specials like pulled pork, Italian beef and meatloaf.

"Which I make from scratch myself."

But, even though those are called specials, there's one meal that really is special to the people here. Fried chicken.

"We don't go through a lunch or night meal, dinner meal without someone wanting chicken, so chicken's on special all the time."

"It's good food and not a bad price."

So good, Michael Rodgers eats here six times a week.

"Most of the time for lunch and once in awhile in the evenings."

He's become good friends with the man in Bibbs.

"I give him a hard time, he gives me a hard time, so we kind of pick on each other."

"We concentrate on first-time impressions."

Lorin made some great first impressions in November when the tornado hit town.

"We had full power by dark that night and we stayed open 24 hours, left doors unlocked."

People came in for meetings, slept there and, of course, ate.

"Pie, coffee, soda, whatever they wanted."

So, you know Lorin couldn't forget this.

"I knew the town was going to be shut down. We fried up a bunch of chicken and just gave it away."

Looks like his philosophy is working.

"I've been coming out here ever since. Me and the wife rode it out in the hallway of our home and that's the only spot in the house that had a ceiling. We pretty much lost everything."

But thanks to people like Lorin, Terry and the rest of the community, Michael has never actually felt without a home.

"Everybody kind of looks out for everybody."

"Satisfaction on people's faces and they come back and the smiles, you know."

Of course, Lorin couldn't let us leave without making us try the fried chicken. He brought us a plate of that. The special for the day was Italian beef and his made-from-scratch French fries. One of the best meals I've ever had.

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