Living Well Recipes: Clam Strip Tacos

Published 01/15 2014 04:47PM

Updated 01/15 2014 04:51PM

Clam Strip Tacos with Salsa Verde
By Keith Shank

1 box Store-bought Clam Strips
8 oz. Tomatillos, husked, rinsed and halved
2 ea. Large garlic cloves, peeled
TT Hot green chiles (serranos or jalapeños), stemmed and roughly chopped
1/3 cup Roughly chopped cilantro (loosely packed)
1⁄2 ea. Small white onion, finely chopped
TT Salt
TT Fresh Lime Juice
As Needed: Corn or Flour Tortillas, Avocado, Lettuce, Queso Fresco (fresh Mexican cheese).

1. Place the tomatillos cut-side down on a sheet pan along with the garlic. Blacken under a hot
broiler (alternatively blacken on a grill or a gas flame).
2. Scrape the tomatillos and garlic into a blender or food processor, and let cool to room
temperature, about 3 minutes. Add the chile, cilantro and 1⁄4 cup water. Pulse to a coarse
puree. Pour into a salsa dish and thin with a little additional water if necessary to give the salsa
an easily spoonable consistency.
3. Scoop the chopped onion into a strainer and rinse under cold water. Stir into the salsa. Taste
and season with salt and lime juice.
4. Bake or fry the clam strips according to the directions on the box.
5. Build the tacos using desired garnishes.

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