Living Well Recipes: Little Bleu Avocado Salad

Published 03/28 2014 04:44PM

Updated 03/28 2014 04:46PM

“The Little Bleu Avocado Salad”
By Executive Chef Mark Shoopman.

2 each    Romaine lettuce hearts, washed and cut or torn into bite size pieces
1 cup Creamy Avocado dressing, recipe follows
1 cup Fresh strawberries, sliced
½ cup Pine nuts, toasted
¾ cup Crumbled Bleu cheese, good quality like English Stilton or American Maytag
1 cup Diced avocado

Dressing Ingredients and Procedure:
1 each Ripe Avocado, peeled and seeded
¼ cup Plain Greek yogurt
2 each Large garlic cloves, minced
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
3 tablespoons Red wine vinegar
1 each Juice of fresh lemon (aprox. 2 tablespoons)
1/3 cup Extra virgin olive oil, use more or less to reach desired creaminess
Drop Tabasco sauce
½ cup Freshly grated Parmesan cheese
As desired Sea salt and freshly ground pepper   
Procedure and Presentation:
Cut the avocado in half lengthwise. Remove the pit from the avocado and discard. Remove the avocado from the skin and place the avocado flesh in a food processor.
Add all the other ingredients except the olive oil, salt and pepper and pulse for a minute or two until nice and creamy. Slowly add the olive oil until the dressing is rich and creamy. Adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper to taste.  Allow to rest 5 minutes for the flavors to combine.
In a large bowl add the romaine lettuce and then the dressing using ½ cup and begin to toss adding more dressing until you reach the desired amount.  Toss to coat all of the leaves and then lovingly arrange on chilled salad plates. Decorate the top with sliced berries, diced avocado, Bleu cheese and toasted pine nuts. For a beautiful twist, decorate with petals of edible flowers throughout.

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