Strengthen Your Bond With Your Pet Through Fun Activities

It will help them exercise mentally and physically

PEORIA, IL - Keeping our pets healthy and happy requires pet parents to take special care to ensure their furry friends get plenty of exercise. So, even during winter it's important to find new activities to peak their interest which, in turn, will help them mentally and physically--as well as strengthen your bond and keep them from mischief. Joining me now with some great examples is my friend, Kitty Yanko.

Today on Living Well, we featured a beautiful, 1 year and 3 month old black cat named Dream. She is absolutely precious and is in need of a forever family. If you would like to adopt her, her ID number is A227248 . Just call PCAPS at (309) 672-2440.

One final point I would like to mention, you may have noticed that Kitty is wearing a special tiara and boa. She is wearing this attire because today is Kitty's birthday. She is such a wonderful and generous person. She gives of her time each week to help us learn more about caring for our furry friends. I couldn't be more grateful to have her as a part of our Living Well family.


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