The Hottest Toys of the Season

Published 11/13 2013 04:58PM

Updated 11/13 2013 05:22PM

Every kid has a laundry list of toys that they want from Santa this year. Joining us now is toy industry is toy industry expert Elizabeth Werner to tell us what the hot toys Santa and his elves are working on this year. Kids are getting more and more tech savvy every year. What kind of items do you have that will keep them on
the go?

So they're grabbing our devices; we want our devices back, we're going to reclaim them. So I found a couple of great electronic items that they can take on the go with them that's designed for them. We'll start with the Kurio touch 4s handheld by Techno Source. This is an android, wifi enabled, portable device. By the way,
Android's first competition to the ipod touch, but a lot less expensive, does all those great things from movies to videos to games to internet, but parents
can rest assured because this is a Kurio, which means it has built-in parental controls. So we decide where they go on the internet, we decide what apps they
have, even the amount of time they spend on it. There's an auto-shutoff, mom and dad, so if they've been on the device too long it will turn off. So very fabulous, and easy to take on the go. Now for the smaller ones, we would like to give them a touch screen tablet as well, but that's designed special for them. Durable, has good content... The LeapPad Ultra by Leap Frog is fabulous. This is for children ages four to nine. There are more than 800 different games, apps, e-books, videos, and music built in to this and you can decide which ones to bring on with your children. Once you download those, your child's going to have access to the most fabulous educational content. All, by the way, built and approved by Leap Frog's in-house team of learning specialists. So our kids are going to get a great amount of learning in, while they just think they're playing.

Every year they always want toys from their favorite movies, what's hot this year as far as movies are concerned?

Despicable Me 2 was 2013's number 1 animated film of the year. Why? Because we totally fell in love with the minions again, of course. This is Dave. He's got so much to him; he's so animated and funny. His little hands move up and down, he's fully articulated. But what's great about these guys, the laughter that they bring,
children are going to wanna collect all of them, but they're so interactive with the way their eyes move, the way we can squeeze them, move their heads. 55
different sayings. By the way, they still love to eat bananas and sometime they have a little gaseous problem just like the minions in the movie do, so just warning you, it's gonna be a lot of fun. There's gonna be a lot of laughter once you bring this in the house.

Those are too cute. I'm gonna have to get one of those for my desk at work. What about trains? They are always a favorite. Is there anything new this year with those?

I was a huge fan of playing with trains with my little boy Gabriel. He absolutely always had a train in his hand. When I saw this, I fell in love. This is the V-Tech go go
smart wheels train station. This is designed for our little ones, ages 1 and up. So great for little hands, but what's magic about this is it has something
called smart points. So throughout the track, as the train rolls over certain smart points, The smart points are gonna tell the train what to do. Whether
that's talking, singing, lighting up, having special tunes. So it's really interactive and engaging for the children. They have over 20 different play
sets in the gogo line, so you can build an entire city in your house, which is exactly what my son would've done, and all the vehicles are smart vehicles, so as they ride over any of the tracks, they're gonna be able to interact.

That is so cool, Elizabeth. Thank you so much for all of your tips on the hot toys this season.

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