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Two people arrested for using counterfeit $100 bills

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. - Two people are behind bars after getting arrested for using counterfeit money.

On Saturday, Bloomington Police received forgery complaints at five retail stores, located in East Bloomington, where counterfeit $100 bills were used.

A short time later, after receiving the complaints, officers located a vehicle matching the same description given by witnesses as the suspect vehicle. Officers stopped the vehicle near the intersection of Eastland Drive and Prospect Road. Officers conducted a search of the vehicle and recovered items bought with the counterfeit money, as well as several counterfeit $100 bills.

18 year old Kayonna Howard and 18 year old Denokey Midderhoff, both from Chicago, were taken into custody by Bloomington Police. A 17 year old was arrested as well.

Howard and Midderhoff were transported to the McLean County Jail while the juvenile was released.

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