4th of July Float Sparks Outrage

The float in West Peoria's parade had a man dressed as Trump sitting on a toilet

Peoria, IL - Families from all over Central Illinois lined the streets of West Peoria for their annual 4th of July parade Tuesday. But one float still has people talking.

A man was dressed in a nude body suit with a Donald Trump mask, sitting on a toilet.
In his hand, a cell phone. Around him, secret service members and a banner West Peoria city administrator Kinga Krider feels wasn't appropriate for a family parade.

"We've been getting phone calls off the hook, our office assistant is definitely overwhelmed" said Krider. "Our emails are getting um busier and busier let's just put it that way."

Krider said the parade entry form read it was just a presidential motorcade. For Krider, that was an immediate red flag. She called the float members for more information.

"Basically what we had been told that it's gonna be a convertible with Donald Trump or Obama, there wasn't quite sure, and their wives, and a couple security guys and maybe one more car" said Krider.

The day of the parade city staff was busy, and didn't notice the float.

"I was running around all day, I was here at 7:30 and we were running around so it just, kind of, it didn't get our attention" said Krider.

Pictures quickly circulated around Facebook, getting mixed reactions.
 Alana Hommerin said "I'm far from being a Trump supporter, but in my opinion, this has no business at a family event."
Julia Mackert adds "Two words: Free speech. Parades can be political as much as they are fun."

"So next year we will probably have more screening in place, and we will reserve the right to pull people even at the last minute if we need to."

This is the second year the city of West Peoria has been in charge of the parade, the Lions Club previously ran it.

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