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A local organization is having fun while giving back

PEORIA, Ill. - The Peoria North Rotary Club participated in its 11th annual 'Rookie Food Drive' that benefits Heart of Illinois Harvest.

This year, the group collected a total of 15,799 food items. That's 2,808 more food items that last year.

Since the group exceeded its goal of 11,000 food items, they decided to celebrate with pies to the face. 

"We give it out to different places and let them, the food banks, let them have this food to help others in need," says Jason Mott, general manager of the Peoria Chiefs. "You know, we're about giving back to the community and that's really what this is all about is to give back to the great community we all live in."

The group also raised $3,504 to go toward gas and vehicle maintenance for Heart of Illinois Harvest.


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