Argument at gas station leads to shooting

More than 20 shots were fired during the incident.

PEORIA, Ill. - Peoria police are investigating a shooting at a local gas station that left one person injured.

It happened around just after 4:00 a.m. on the 200 block of MacArthur Highway Road. An officer heard two gunshots, followed by at least 20 more shots being fired. The officer went to a nearby gas station, where he says he saw a group of 30 people running to their cars and driving away.

After the shooting, a man was stopped in a car and transported to the hospital.

Surveillance footage from the gas station shows the victim getting into an argument with one of the suspects. That suspect opened fire. Two other people got out of another car and started firing at the original shooter, before he drove away.

One of the cars involved had multiple bullet holes and was leaking fluids. The gas station had one bullet strike to the front door, that broke the outside glass pane.

The original shooter is described as being in his mid 20's, with short facial hair, fade haircut, wearing bleached jeans and a white hoodie. The driver of the other car was wearing a white t-shirt and white pants. The third suspect was wearing a hat, a red shirt, and blue jeans.

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