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Breaking: Pet cemetery accused of deceiving clients

PEKIN, IL - A local pet cemetery is under fire after law enforcement seized several animals from the cemetery.

On July 16th the Tazewell County Sheriff's Office received a complaint in regards to possible illegal disposal of animals at Katy's Pet Cemetery near South Pekin.

There were questions about clients receiving ashes that may or may not have been their pets.

According to the Sheriff's Office, 3 animals were found and seized in a non-working freezer outside. On July 21st, a search warrant was conducted and 9 additional animals were seized. Of the 12 animals 9 of them had a microchip in them. 7 owners were identified and about 6 of them had received ashes reported to be their animal.

The cemetery is owned by Joseph Abts who also operates Abts Mortuary. The Tazewell County Sheriff's Department assures the public that this investigation was solely involving the cremation of animal remains and at no time was any question raised about human cremation or operation of the mortuary.

The authorities say Abts was questioned about the investigation but has since taken his own life.

The Tazewell County Sheriff's Office is closing the investigation due to their only suspect's death. The office says it will continue to help make arrangements to return the animals to the owners for burial or cremation.

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