Central Illinois Man Walking Across U.S.

A Central Illinois man is walking across the country to help raise awareness

DWIGHT, Ill. - A man from Central Illinois is walking across the country to help raise awareness for behavior he says is unethical by the U.S. government.

David Voigts is a Navy veteran from Dwight, and is in the process walking from Delaware to California with his dog. He's back in Dwight with some family matters, which is where WMBD caught up with him.

Voigts says, during his time in the Navy, he learned of a program that experiments with U.S. citizens, without their knowledge, using technology found in prosthetics. He says it’s similar to an illegal CIA operation that started in the 1950's, MKUltra.

Next week, Voigts will head to Missouri to continue his journey.

"It's been grueling. Some of the days its 95. You've got a heat index of over 100 degrees. You have to walk 25 miles and then there's a mountain, you know, 3,000 foot mountain you have to climb. This is extremely difficult,” he says.

Voigts is planning to walk to California, down the coast to Route 66, and then walk back to Illinois.

If you're interested in learning more about his cause, check out https://www.facebook.com/TIinAmericaCrossCountryWalk/?hc_ref=SEARCH

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