CI Heroes: Metamora High School's Mrs. Breaux

Special Education teacher goes above and beyond for her students

METAMORA - A local teacher stops at nothing to help her students get the most out of school.

She says to her, they are family. And her love for her second family is making her our CI Hero.              

“There’s nothing like Mrs. Breaux,” says Metamora High School senior, Tara Ripka.

That's because Mrs. Breaux is giving them experience like nothing they've ever had before.

“ When you work with these kids, they start to become almost like your own children. It's kind of like when you're a mom and your kid comes up to you and says, i would like to do this. And as a mom who adores your kid, you want to do everything you can to make that happen for them,” explains Kaylie Breaux.

Breaux is a special education teacher at Metamora High School, and head of the functional skills program.

“The things that I do here, they were typically a result of a kid coming up and saying, I’d like to do this or I’d like to be a part of this, or, can we get this for our classroom,” she explains.

The things she does have changed these students lives.

She's talks to the general education classes, telling other students how to help their classmates with special needs.

“One of the students, he ended up asking one of the girls in my classroom to prom, he ended up inviting one of my other students onto the baseball team, that was a really big signal to me that a lot of this is just a lack of knowing how to relate. So, what do you we do fix that? We just teach kids how to relate,” says Breaux.

Mrs. Breaux is helping her students relate, too.

Finding opportunities for them to participate in everything extra-curricular other kids do, too.


“When she manages to get kids involved in some activity, then she goes, she goes after school to make sure they know what they're supposed to be going and what they're supposed to be doing,” explains mom of one of Mrs. Breaux’s students, Jean Moore.

For her students, Mrs. Breaux is an ally even on their toughest days.

“Every time we go in her classroom she's all excited. She talks to us and welcomes us, makes us feel better if we have a bad day,” says student Katie Vinson.

For parents, she's an advocate when they can't always be there.

“That confidence that Kaylie has given them has really allowed them to do things they would’ve never dreamed of doing,” explains Moore.

And they say as far as teachers go, he's just plain amazing.

“I want these kids to know how special they are and how awesome they are and I want to focus on their strengths, and I want them to know they have really important strengths and they can contribute to the world,” adds Breaux.

A parent advocacy group in Woodford County also just recognized Mrs. Breaux as special education advocate of the year.


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