CI Heroes: Santa Bill

Central Illinois Hero delivers Christmas to sick kids.

PEORIA - A central Illinois man becomes Santa every Christmas for kids in the Children's Hospital of Illinois.

Last year, a setback kept him from his normal duties, but this year he's ready.

He just needs your help.

“Yea, I couldn’t be Santa last year.”

Bill Turney had major back surgery and his doctor didn't want him to even go to the hospital at all.

“You weren’t keep me from seeing these kids."

“I can’t wait to get back in that red suit,” says Turney.

Bill has already worked his magic this year for a young girl with lupus.

“Yea, I got tagged in a post four to five times that she was a Bears fan, they sent a letter to the Bears, but tagged me because she had on a Bears hat. They knew as soon as I’d see that she'd find out who she is and where she was."

Of course, Santa Bill found her.

During Christmas all of this is on overdrive.

Bill does this for every kid at Children's Hospital of Illinois.

He goes to bears training camp to get autographs, has gear from the Packers., iPads, the best toys.

But this year he needs help.

“Every year is hard for us, we're just a small little family that cares about these kids. We call ourselves Santa’s Hospital Helpers. We just want toys, we're not looking for money or anything we just want toys."

Bill has a few reasons why he gives so much...

“I think one of the main reasons I do this, I lost a son when he was 17 months old. He'd be 27 now and I’ll never forget him,” Turney explains.

He knows how the parents with sick kids must feel.

“These parents they're pretty upset their kid's in there in the first place. All year long there's kids in there, but the kids, I’m sure they're still thinking about Christmas, wondering if Santa’s going to find them in the hospital. Yea, Santa does."

And Santa can't do it alone.

“It makes our hearts fill up with a lot of joy, a lot of joy. I'm just the delivery guy. It's everybody behind me that believes in what I do for these kids. But I get to see firsthand how these kids react. How their parents react when they see Santa. I can't think of a better way to spend Christmas."

Bill has drop off locations for toys across the area:

Wendy's Creative Collections: 3223 N Prospect Rd. Peoria, IL

The Mattress Doctor: 2818 Court St. Pekin, IL

JJ Vapes: 2940 Court St. Pekin, IL

Ask & Yeshall Recieve: 701 McKinley Ave. Bartonville, IL

Associated Bank: 1607 N. 4th St. Chillicothe, IL

Casey's General Store: 312 E. 1st Ave. Deer Creek, IL

You can also reach out to Bill on Facebook:

Click here or Search Santa’s Hospital Helpers to find out more.

Santa Bill is delivering toys just in time for Christmas, December 23rd.



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