City looking to revamp the Warehouse district

Possible residential and commercial businesses headed to the district

As the river city continues to attract more residents, developers are looking to build on what's already here.



Michael Freilinger, CEO of the Downtown Development Corporation said, "When the city encouraged development of an urban neighborhood the place they looked at was the warehouse district and that's because of the iconic historic buildings that are multistory"


The city has a vision --- to take the district into a place full of neighbors, shops, and restaurants.


And the city is looking to bring in more businesses that will attract millennials to live work and play in this area"


“its awesome to just sit down get a cup of coffee meet up with people meet up with friends” said Bradley Senior, Devin McDonald



We spoke with one business that's been in the area eight short months and has already seen success.


Briana Rhoades, Cafe Manager of Zion Coffee House said, “i think when we came down here you always take a risk in a new neighborhood and Peoria has been very very supportive of our business and the surrounding businesses.”


The downtown development corporation will bring their plans to a zoning commission meeting next month and hopes to get a thumbs up from city council by the end of the year.


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