Election Day Voter Registration Law Being Challenged

Liberty Justice Center announces a federal lawsuit against State Elections Board

The Illinois Board of Elections is getting sued. The Liberty Justice Center announced Thursday that they're challenging Illinois' "Election Day Voter Registration scheme".

State law requires counties with populations of 100,000 or more to offer election day registration at all polling places. However, it doesn't require counties with lower populations to offer it.

Liberty Justice calls this a violation of the equal protection clause saying it's unfair to favor some voters over others and unfair to candidates who draw support from smaller counties. They're suggesting the ISBE not implement Election Day voting this time around, with the election just months away. But, Liberty Justice is calling for the ISBE it make it available in counties for future elections.

The lawsuit also claims this tilts the political playing field.

"They set up a scheme designed to boost democratic voter turnout more than it would boost republican voter turnout. This is just another example of how  Illinois politicians rig the system to keep themselves in power." Liberty Justice Senior Attorney, Jacob Huebert, said.

We reached out to the Illinois Board of Elections. They say they weren't aware of the lawsuit, but they say they follow what the law reflects.

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