Emergence art show open at the Peoria Riverfront Museum

Peoria - With their current show Emergence, the Peoria Riverfront Museum shatters the myth that you have to go to the coasts or a big city to find great art.

The exhibit fills the gallery with nationally recognized artists making art right here in Central, Illinois. And with all that exceptional talent on display, that's making us Central Illinois, proud.

Area universities and local arts organizations pitched in to help nominate artists for the show. And in the end more that fifty were chosen, all with reputations in places well beyond.

No doubt there's some familiar area favorites here. But Zetterberg says the museum was really delighted when they saw the kind of work coming in. What's immediately striking is the level of imagination on display in every medium. And often in a very cutting edge way. Margaret LeJeune makes no ordinary photographs. Her images here come from bioluminescent bacteria cultures. And Doug and Eileen Leunig spent 32 hours during the recent solar eclipse painting with light to make this time-based work called Full Circle. Paintings run the full gamut, too, from imaginary realism, to abstractions to the Pop surrealism of William Butler. And who will forget this gigantic take out order made from glass? some of the sculptures barely fit in the gallery.

But make no mistake, Central Illinois artists will continue to make quality work that not only wows us here at home, but also far across the art world.


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