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Finding pain relief without depending on opioids

Peoria, IL - With opioid addiction making headlines across the country, those who go in for surgery say they want to limit the amount of potentially addictive narcotics for pain following surgery. 

What started as a way to deal with a shortage of opioid medications has blossomed into a major effort by the health system to find other pain relieving options for patients.

"You use Tylenol, so you use Ibuprofen, things like heat packs, cold packs, even peppermint - different scents of smelling has been shown to give people relief," says Jerry Storm, Senior Vice President of Pharmacy, OSF HealthCare. "You have ministry services where prayer and meditation also helps with pain relief. So it's utilizing all those non-drug or non-pharmacological avenues to be able to get that pain relief."

There are circumstances and illnesses in which pain control with opioids is beneficial, like cancer patients or those in hospice care.

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