Giant Lincoln lands in Peoria

PEORIA - A historical icon has come to the River City, and if you're on the Peoria Riverfront, it's hard to miss. The 31 foot tall statue of "Lincoln and The Common Man" was set up today at its new home, outside the Peoria Riverfront Museum. It traveled here from it's former home in Chicago on Michigan Avenue. The Peoria Riverfront Museum's CEO told WMBD the statue was loaned to them free of charge. 

"We immediately began to enter into discussions with them about just about 4 weeks ago to get it for Peoria and it makes sense, Lincoln gave one of his great speeches here in Peoria" said John Morris, CEO of the Peoria Riverfront Museum. 

The giant statue weighs in at 19 tons, and is about 5 times the size of Lincoln himself. 

"The meaning of this sculpture by Stuart Johnson the artist, is that the Gettysburg address and the lessons of Lincoln are still revelant today."

Lincoln will be in Peoria for 1 year.

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