Giving Back All in One Day

The goal is to make the day about giving

PEORIA - The mission of giving back is happening in one day.

Dream Center Peoria and hundreds of volunteers are making a difference in the river city, hoping to inspire others.

"I had water leaking all in my bedroom and down the walls and down the other side where the air conditioner was."

After years of putting it off, Jennifer Zapota is getting a new roof.

"I thank god for all these people, and I really appreciate it, and it was a surprise to me,” Zapota said.  

It's all thanks to a group of volunteers, 400 of them with Riverside Church and dream center Peoria, teaming up to do good for the community.

"It's just amazing to see the crowd here today just wanting to step up and make a difference in the city,” said Andy King with Dream Center Peoria.

Mission Peoria - One Day is a smaller version of a week-long community service project.

"It's hard to get volunteers to do some of the work that really no one wants to do, so we're really going to impact some non-profits,” King said.

They also help over 15 non profits, churches, and homeowners.  

"There was glass all over the floor, and these three windows behind me and the one to the right were broke out."

Loretta brown's new house was vandalized this week, a molitive cocktail took out three windows, but the volunteers are showing her support.

"I cried, haha, I cried and said thank you for everything that happens to me,” Brown said.

That's the goal of the project, making people happy and giving back to those who need it.

"It impacts other people to start thinking differently, like well if they're coming and helping, let's make a difference where we're living anyway,” King said.

"So many times you hear the negatives about people, people don't hear the good things,” Brown said. 

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