Homes ruined by a landslide in 2013 will be transformed to green space.

7 homes in East Peoria were vacated in the Pinecrest Hills Subdivision.

EAST PEORIA - A landslide in 2013 forced 4 homeowners to vacate their property in East Peoria. Since then, 3 additional homes have been evacuated for safety reasons. East Peoria City Council voted tonight and approved a bid on a grant to help the situation.

Through the Hazard Mitigation Grant Project with FEMA, they can now purchase the 7 properties in the Pinecrest Hills subdivision and reimburse the affected homeowners. East Peoria's public works director said the money will allow them to knock down the homes and convert the area into a green space with a safety fence.  Ferguson said he's been working on this grant for over a year, but only recently did it start to take shape.

"It wasn't until 3 or 4 months ago that they came in and looked at the situation and it was decided you know in its final form what they would cover" said Steve Ferguson, East Peoria's Public Works Director.

Ferguson said the city is happy with the deal as it helped the homeowners affected. 

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