How long will your child's school year be?

Schools across Central Illinois may have to shorten the school year if a school funding bill doesn't pass.

"It will severely hamper our cash flow and our reserves will be depleted in the absence of a school funding formula and potentially force us to borrow some time after Christmas," says Superintendent Rolf Siversten of Canton School District 66.

Tuesday, Governor Rauner issued an amendatory veto of the school funding bill known as Senate Bill One.

If approved by the general assembly, Canton would receive over $420,000 more than it would under the original bill.

If nothing passes, school districts like Canton may not be able to stay open past December.

"This will affect children that are just starting school and learning to read and write," says Siversten.

And that's what mother of four, Breitanya Williams, is worried about.

"My oldest daughter has some behavioral issues and early childhood education is extremely important for trying to cope with that and alter that for her," says Williams.

Families in Canton are starting to look at alternate options.

The Williams have signed up their oldest daughter in a program outside of the school district, just to make sure she receives a full education.

And others are considering homeschool.

"I didn't go to school for this," says Williams. "All these wonderful teachers in the district that I got the pleasure of being taught by, I don't know if they're gonna get that. And that's scary."

But the community still believes in the school system and wants their kids to receive a proper education in Central Illinois.

"Education is important and crucial and our schools are really important," says Williams.

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