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How to avoid porch pirates

Bloomington Police Department gives helpful tips

BLOOMINGTON - It's that time of year when we'll order several items online, having them delivered to our doorsteps.

But the Bloomington Police Department is stressing the importance of always knowing where your package is. Right now is when they typically see an increase in package thefts from porches.

"It becomes an opportunistic crime where maybe somebody wasn't thinking about stealing packages, thinks because the opportunity is available to them, that hey,  they're's a package there, doesn't look like any cameras are around, I'm gonna go ahead and swipe that," said Elias Mendiola, Bloomington Police Departments Public Information Officer.

Mendiola said tracking your packages all the way to your doorstep is a good idea, and if you trust your neighbors, let them know when you're expecting something, so it doesn't sit out too long. If you live in an apartment complex, ask for your package to be delivered to the front office.

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