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I-55 Could Become ‘Barack Obama Highway'

A state representative from the Chicago area is proposing the bill.

ILLINOIS - An interstate running through central Illinois could go by a new name if a proposed bill passes the General Assembly.

State Representative La Shawn Ford says he’s drafting a bill to rename a 270-mile stretch of Interstate 55 as the “Barack Obama Expressway”. The name would run from the Tri-State Tollway near Chicago to East St. Louis, changing the name in Bloomington and Springfield in central Illinois.

Ford says the former president made several trips between Springfield and Chicago using I-55 during his time as a state senator, and says this is a good way to honor the former president.

“This would be one of many highways and byways that will be named for Barack Obama, so it is only right that Illinois be at the forefront of the many actions that will rename streets and highways for President Obama,” Rep. Ford said in a statement.

A section of I-55 in Chicago is currently named the “Stevenson Expressway” after former governor and two-time presidential candidate, Adlai Stevenson.

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