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IL Secretary of State warns of flood-damaged cars

ILLINOIS - You'll need to do some homework if you plan to buy a used car in the near future.

Wednesday, Secretary of State Jesse White sent a warning to Illinoisans that cars could have damage from flooding after Hurricane Harvey. His office plans to monitor title applications closely if they come from areas impacted by flooding. Applicants for those titles have to submit a Hurricane Disclosure Statement to get a clean Illinois title. The registered owner and insurance agent must sign a statement saying there was no flood claim filed for the vehicle. If applicants don't supply the form, they'll receive an Illinois Flood title. 

As many as 500,000 vehicles may have been affected by flooding from Harvey. 

You should research as much as possible about a vehicle before you buy it. 

You can check the Secretary of State's Office website or Carfax for potential flood vehicles. 

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