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Illinois American Water performing annual maintenance this week

PEORIA, Ill. - Don't be alarmed if you notice changes to your water this week. 

Illinois American Water is starting its annual maintenance, which goes on for about a month.

While crews are testing and flushing fire hydrants, you may notice a drop in water pressure or even discolored water. If you have discolored water, don't do laundry, but let your cold water run briefly. The company says the water will clear up on its own.

Illinois American Water's water quality team will be switching to a new form of chlorine treatment called "free chlorine," which is a stronger disinfectant than regular chlorine and doesn't contain ammonia. During the temporary change to treatment, you may notice your water tasting or smelling like chlorine, but Illinois American Water says you shouldn't be concerned.

People in Peoria, Bartonville, West Peoria, Rome, and the surrounding areas could be affected. If you want additional information, you can call (800) 422-2782 or go to Illinois American Water's website.

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