LaHood calls indictments "very serious"

The congressman says he doesn't see a connection to the President.

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. - Local members of Congress are reacting to the unsealed indictments and the guilty plea announced in Robert Mueller's investigation into whether or not Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election.

Congressman Darin LaHood says the accusations outlined in the Grand Jury indictments need to be taken very seriously.

LaHood was in Bloomington Monday, touring an agricultural training facility. While there, he said even though the charges are serious, he doesn't see a connection between the indictments and the president.

"When you look at money laundering, you look at concealing foreign assets, lying to the FBI, these are serious charges," LaHood explained. "But when I look at the indictments today, I don't see any connection to voter fraud or election fraud or anything connected to the Trump administration."

LaHood says he's confident justice will be served. He says Robert Mueller needs the discretion to do his job and follow the evidence where it leads. He also says Mueller needs to closely investigate all avenues brought to light.


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