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Local leaders give opinion on new Farm Bill

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. - Congress could pass its first on-time Farm Bill in years this year. Politicians on both sides of the aisle speak about the effects of the proposed bill. 

Local leaders gathered in Bloomington on Wednesday for the Agricultural Legislative Roundtable. Republican Representative Darin LaHood spoke at the event, explaining the importance of the Farm Bill, trade and infrastructure.

"Agriculture's the number one industry in Illinois," said Illinois Republican Congressman Darin LaHood. "It's the number one industry in our congressional district. So the Farm Bill reauthorization, is vitally important. It's important for crop insurance, it's important for programs that help our farmers, help our AG community."

Democratic Representative, Cheri Bustos said crop insurance is the most important thing to remember with the new Farm Bill. She said she negotiated strongly for crop insurance in the current Farm Bill, and plans to do so again.

"When there was a middle of the night attempt to take a severe bite out of the crop insurance program, I fought back," said Illinois Democratic Congresswoman Cheri Bustos. "And we made sure that remained a part of our current law. And what I'm hearing from our family farmers now is to make sure that what is working, and what is not broken, you know, to make sure that you're taking care of that."

Both Bustos and LaHood agree the bill plays a key roll in helping local farmers succeed.

"Make sure that the AG economy can start making a recovery and that we're doing everything we can to help our farmers succeed," says Bustos.

"This farm bill next year will be important to make sure we protect the ability of farmers to do what they do best," says LaHood.

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