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Local music store is closing its doors

NORMAL - A local music store is closing its doors.

Guitar World has been in business since 1970. Back then, the store was called, Ax-In-Hand. Owner, Jim Bland, bought the building in 1978, naming it Guitar World. But even though Blands love for music continues to grow, he is closing the stores doors for good.

"We went from over 105 lessons when we came here 9 years ago, to 30 or less," said Jim Bland, Guitar World Owner. "So I mean, the market is changing, the people who are doing this have changed. So it's what you have to do with all online, God bless the internet."

Though Bland won't be teaching lessons or selling equipment anymore, he will continue to play guitar in his band, Velvet Groove. 

"We just hope that the customers that we've had, continue to play, and enjoy the stuff that we could offer them," said Bland.

Bland and his wife are moving everything out Thursday and Friday. The things he hasn't sold, will be for sale on Ebay at the discounted price, until everything is gone.

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