Local Ottawa & Naplate Residents Raise Money to Help People Who Lost Their Homes

Ottawa -  

Rebuilding continues after last month's destructive tornadoes. The communities of Ottawa and Naplate have already raised more 87 thousand dollars to help their neighbors clean up, but without any funding coming their way, they're hoping to come up with even more money.


"I wasn't home at the time, but when I came back home the next day five blocks from where I live, that area was devastated." It's been nearly three weeks since an EF-3 tornado ripped through the towns of Ottawa and Naplate.


"The tornado comes across right over the top of the house, and it ended up taking the back half of my roof completely off my house and ended up putting it in my front yard."


Tim Schueler is one of hundreds working to rebuild. More than 75% of the homes in Naplate are damaged with more in Ottowa, and there will no help coming from the government.


"We just found out that we're not going to get any federal aid," so Andree-Marie Koban and four of her friends decided to do something about it.

"Got together with some girlfriends and we were trying to think what we should do and we just came up with this benefit idea."


"I mean there's no federal or state coming in, so this is what it is to help build these two towns back out and it's just outstanding."


People from both communities packed into the Knights of Columbus Hall.

"We had to come step outside because it was so crowded in there, just the amount of people that showed up, so it was a really good turnout."


Through auctions and donations, the communities are coming together to help in this time of need. "I mean it's goose bumps feelings just to see how we all have come together today. For everybody to come together with the small town of Ottawa and even smaller Naplate and be able to put this many to come out and to help raise money, to help build this town and help build Naplate back it's just outstanding."



"It's really heartwarming and it took us a couple of times just not to really tear up. We knew it was going to be big and it's really big and it's great. I mean it's true about the whole community thing, people just really help each other, it's really special."


You can donate to the recovery fund by clicking here.

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