More women ditching high heels in the workplace for comfortable shoes

PEORIA, Ill - Heels or flats? Everyone has their own opinion on what they prefer but as the work culture changes several women are turning to more comfortable footwear for an 8 hours day of work.

The culture of the working woman is changing. For decades women wearing anything other than fine dresses and polished heel highs in the office was unheard of.

“It was maybe the culture at that time,” said Gussie Rayford.

But the office is evolving. More and more, women are trading in their 6 inch stilettos for a shoe a little more grounded and just as stylish.

“I definitely flats both casually and also at work,” said Rayford

The numbers prove women are lacing up much more often. According to the NPD group, high heel sales have dropped 12% while sneakers have jumped 37%.

Although they look nice what looks good might not always be good for you.

“They’re terrible for the feet, they really are,” said Adam White.

White, owner one of Peoria’s popular sneaker stores Running Central has a vast amount of knowledge on the human foot. White said spending 8 hours in a high heel isn't good.

“To be up at that angle and to be putting that kind of pressure on the metatarsal heads and the other bones inside the foot is not good physiologically proper for the woman's body,” said White.

As women step into more executive and leadership positions, we can only imagine what norms the working woman may bend next.

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