New development for Peoria Heights

New businesses, restaurants, and apartments are coming to Peoria Heights

PEORIA - Its happening in the heights! You've probably noticed construction taking place in the area ... But this is only the beginning for the village.

There are new options for dining, shopping, even living in Peoria Heights.

Tuesday, the village board approved a $5 Million Dollar project that would bring apartments on Duryea Avenue.

 "With the downtown dining and everything, the Heights has always been an attractive place. Once those extra development tools were in place then people started to realize that maybe its a good place to come and try to do business." said Matt Fick, Peoria Heights Village Administrator

Soon there will be new options to live in the Heights but also restaurants are welcomed to bring even more people into the area.

Lauren Blasket Co-Proprietor of W.E. Sullivans said, "Its a family oriented place, you can walk next door and get ice cream, you can walk down the street and get purple bubble and do things with your kids, you can go to the bookstore. Its a really family oriented area."

W.E Sullivan's is one of the many businesses that have opened in the area in the last year.

Managers say they don't regret their choice to open on Prospect Road.

"Really thats what we're about is going things locally and everybody in town is about in the Heights." said Blasket.

W.E. Sullivans has only been open for 7 months and has already expanded due to the high amount of business the area has brought them.

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