Open For Business: Lettering Works

The woman behind the business illustrating Peoria.

PEORIA - "I think what we've started to see is this sense of- of identity of a community that amazingly comes through a font" said Jenn Gordon, of Arts Partners of Central Illinois. 
If you've seen "What's Next Peoria?", "Hello Peoria," and everyone's favorite Peoria Snapchat filters, you've seen her work. Chelsie Tamms is captivating Central Illinois with a unique take on words.

"I've always been drawn to just using typography as an art form, and taking the message and illustrating it in a more unique way" said Chelsie Tamms.

Her chosen medium is hand lettering. During her residency, Tamms drew inspiration from Peoria itself, which sparked creations for and about the city. 

"I drew a different illustration of each business and posted over a day starting on the first of this year" said Tamms.

Her book "100 Days of Peoria" showcases the flare they bring to the area. 

"I was really, really struck by not only her artistic style, but her enthusiasm for Peoria. She is really, really committed to selling a very positive image of this city" said Gordon.

With every loop, turn, and flourish she captures the company's personality. 

 "I think lettering in this form of illustration really shows people that you can say a lot with the design choices you make, not just the words that you're using" said Tamms.

Businesses like the Peoria Riverfront Museum bought her illustrations, turning them into t-shirts and even magnets. 

"One of the reasons that I really wanted to invest in the community is I see so much potential in all the people that I worked with here" said Tamms. 

Arts Partners of Central Illinois has a new logo thanks to her handy work. 

"It was just so vibrant, and so colorful, and so positive and fun and whimsical and all of those things that are a part of Peoria but I think maybe don't get shown off enough" said Gordon.

"It's been really rewarding to fill some of the gaps... and kind of celebrate all of the local assets that we have here" said Tamms. 

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