OSF HealthCare Moves Some Offices to Former L.R. Nelson Building

A 24-year-old building in Peoria is being repurposed. 

From L.R. Nelson to the Bosch Group, this building has been home to several businesses.

Now, OSF HealthCare has transformed it into the Franciscan Prairie Building.

"Our commitment to Peoria is one of the reasons we saw this building and said, you know, let's refurbish this building and use it for something," said Joe Savala, senior vice president for facility management construction at OSF HealthCare. "Again, it's going to benefit Peoria as we bring approximately 300-400 employees out here."

OSF HealthCare is moving some of its offices to a new location near Shoppes at Grand Prairie.

"Our intent is to occupy the office space first and then build a distribution center with a lot of other opportunities," said Savala.

The entire property covers about 42 acres. 

50,000 square feet will be used for office space while the rest of the building will be used as a centralized warehouse.

"It's huge," said Savala. "It really is. It's 265,000 square feet. And, just some fun facts, that's about six acres, you can put five football fields in there."

Although the building was originally built to be a manufacturing facility, OSF promises to utilize all the space.

"There's just a number of opportunities for us to, again, benefit OSF, benefit the Peoria area," said Savala. "When we stand up this distribution center, I can't tell you how many jobs it'll create."

Along with job creation, OSF HealthCare is leading the community by creating a sustainable space.

"If we're not using those kilowatts, then the power plant is not having to burn that fuel, severely reducing the carbon footprint," said Savala.

Leaders say they're excited to move-in and bring more opportunities to Peoria.

"As the different mission partners move-in, it's just a fabulous location," said Savala. "I mean, the property is gorgeous, it's centrally located. So, we think, you know, anybody who is out here is just going to be very happy to be here."

Now, the building will not act as OSF's headquarters location.

That will remain in Downtown Peoria.

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