Parents pursuit to keep catholic school open, falls short.

PEORIA, Ill - Since the beginning of summer the save our school group for St. Louis Catholic School  has worked tirelessly to summon enough enrollment to keep the school open.

But despite its efforts and exceeding the 55 student benchmark number it was assigned in June, the Peoria diocese has refused to reopen the school.


“The school told us the demographics of Princeton were that a lot of people were leaving the area,” said Laury Mavity PTO President.


For Mavity, the decision to close the school doors is similar to a broken heart. Mavity attended school at St. Louis and enrolled her children a third grader and preschooler to keep the tradition alive, something many parents said they were willing to fight for.


“We emailed them a list of the students saying we had the money,  these are the students before our deadline. They had finally met with us and said the principal took another job.”


Another hurdle for the SOS parents. Now students from Pre-K to 8th grade will be attending new schools, and will have to say goodbye to familiar faces.


“I’m so upset because all my friends have been together since kindergarten and we hang out all the time, said 8th Grader, Madison Richards. She adds,  “I’m the only one going to a new school and everyone else is going away so now I’m not going to hang out with them anymore.”


Mavity says from day one, things were handled wrong and believes relationships could have been saved if parents were told earlier.




“Their main concern was if we told anybody earlier, then we would have had a max exodus out of the school. But if they would have told us after winter break, no ones going to pull their kid, and that would have given us more time to find new schools.”

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