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Peoria council working through budget issues

Budget hearing held Tuesday

Peoria Council is still working to balance the city’s budget, they held a public hearing tonight to discuss possible options.


Several options were presented but the main consensus was that cuts in the budget are inevitable.


City Manager, Patrick Urich presented results from the budget challenge in which neighbors expressed what they think should be cut to areas like police, fire, public works and administrative services.


Members then discussed what cutting 5 to 10 percent would look like from those areas.


The City Manager made it clear that cutting 5 percent wouldn't close the deficit, instead cutting ten percent across the board would.


“I know that I speak for everyone that sits around this horseshoe that the last thing that any of us wanna do is have a reduction in force. Every dollar out there is very important to us.” said Peoria Mayor, Jim Ardis


Council also made it clear that they want to continuing hearing the public’s opinion regarding cuts in the budget. Another budget hearing is scheduled for October 11th at 6pm.


Take to a closer look at council’s proposed budget option and community feedback, click here.

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