Peoria focused on fixing cso problem.

PEORIA, Il. - Negotiations continue between the EPA and city of Peoria about fixing its combined sewer overflow problem. An issue that will leave residents paying more for utilities.

The city was notified in 2006 it was in violation of the clean water act and after 12 years of deliberations Peoria agreed to a $200 million dollar solution in December. The ordinance will charge homeowners and businesses an additional $3 dollars per 1-thousand square feet of impermeable surface.

Jim Scherer Who represents the Peoria New Metro Car Dealer Association and Scherer Mazda will be impacted by the tax. He says he understands the issue needs to be dealt with but hopes the city will communicate more as discussions continue.

“We started hearing it piece by piece and I think local businesses are still hearing it piece by piece, that's the surprise,” said Scherer. He adds, “We’re still trying to find some silver lining in this news, it’s an enormous amount that we will have to pay.”

Peoria Public Works director Scott Reeise says the city is working on a system of credits and incentives for local businesses to reduce the impact

“If you're able to detain more storm water on your sight, you're consuming less if the system which reduces are overall cost to maintain the system,” said Reeise. He adds, “We’re trying to change behavior and have that in depth credit incentive manual to have people reduce their bill.”

The new fees will be implemented June 1st.

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