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Plans for storm water garden in Peoria's south side

PEORIA, Ill - A local organization is looking to make an ecological impact on Peoria’s south side.

Gifts in the Moment is building a storm water farm garden. They say flooding is a major issue in the area and this will help.


Urban Agriculture Educator, Dwayne Harris said, “So what we're doing right here is redirecting a lot of the storm water into a reservoir and we're using the rain water to actually grow some plant life here. We're plan to use it for the urban agriculture program.”


They also say this garden will give residents the education needed to become self sufficient in their neighborhood as they incorporate this garden into an agriculture program.


Harris continued, “Not only are we doing it with the storm water, but the agriculture program also. We’ll be taking some of the local residents right here on the south end and showing them how to grow the food.”


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