School districts prepare for national school walkout protest

PEORIA, Il. - Wednesday, Dunlap High School students will join thousands across the nation who will walk out of their classrooms for 17 minutes. One for each person killed in last month's school shooting in parkland Florida. The goal to support tougher gun laws.

“when students organize, wanting to come forth and make a statement like this, it shows their engagement, involvement, and how they care for their fellow students,” said Randall Merker Dunlap Interim Superintendent.

At Peoria Public Schools, administration will not allow students to participate. While leaders say they understand the learning opportunity, the district's top priority remains safety.

“If students are walking outside the doors of our schools, school safety becomes an issue, we can’t control the environment outside of our school doors,” said Chris Coplan, Director of Communications for PPS.

Coplan says PPS welcomes students to express their voice for change, but hope they do so in a way that wont interrupt school flow.

“We want it to be purposeful and impact-full way,” Coplan said. He adds, “we can accomplish that if our student leadership teams work with our school administrators and teachers to figure out the best way to do that for each of our individual schools.”

PPS are allowing students to participate in other ways. At Richwoods High School, students are selling shirts and can get involved in a sit in. At Manual High School the entire school is holding a day of peace


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