Secretary of Agriculture Stops in Central Illinois

He spoke with locals about Farm Bill 2018.

Chenoa, IL - Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Purdue stopped in Chenoa Monday to tour Evergreen FS facilities. He spoke with local farmers about Farm Bill 2018 and environmental protection. 

"The secretary was very much aware of what we did, and we talked about the opportunity that is needed in the future to have science based research done on any new products that will be available for farmers" said Kendell Miller, general manager at Evergreen FS. 

During his Back To The Roots RV Tour, Purdue stressed the need to increase tranparency when it comes to protecting the environment.

"Our farmers are the best stewards of conservationists and we're working very very hard to make sure our waterways are safe" said Purdue.

"Farmers make up approximately 1% or less of the population and we just need to do a better job of getting our message out there to the consumers all of the proactive things agriculture is doing to protect the environment today" said Miller. 

Secretary Purdue said the purpose of the tour is to hear from people and those in agriculture first hand, as they know the real issues the industry is facing.

"Just seeing the the standards out here from an environmental protection standpoint, from a safety standpoint i wish the public could see these kind of facilities in uh around here" said Purdue. 

"The protection of the environment is the number 1 concern for all of us in agriculture" said Miller. "I think as the secretary stated farmers are the original stewards of the land and they live on the land, their families and children grew up on that, they drink the same water, they're equally concerned as all of us as consumers are that we protect the soils and the waters of the state."

The next stops on the tour are in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Indiana. You can join the conversation on Farm Bill 2018 on social media using #BackToOurRoots.

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