Peoria man dead after officer-involved shooting

PEORIA, IL - An armed robbery suspect is dead after being shot by Peoria Police outside a home on the 2800 block of Sheffield Wednesday afternoon.

Eddie Russell, Jr, 25, died outside a family home after he was shot by members of the department's Special Response Team.

Officers initially responded to a call at 12:49 p.m. about a robbery at First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust on the 3000 block of Sterling.

Police say Russell, Jr. had a gun when he robbed the bank and pointed it at the teller.

Officers reviewed surveillance video from the bank, which led the officers to the home on Sheffield.

WMBD searched Russell, Jr's criminal record. He had 28 counts dating back to 2006.

During a news conference Wednesday evening, Chief Jerry Mitchell said over two-plus hours, officers tried a bullhorn, phone, and opened a door to the home and had a family member call inside to try to make contact with Russell, Jr. who was holed up inside.

"It's likely that the family member could speak on the bullhorn or talk on the phone to make contact with the individual," said Chief Mitchell. "That's perhaps, perhaps, they would be able to to help the situation out, but, unfortunately, the use of the family member today did not alleviate the situation."

Mitchell says once Russell, Jr. left the home, he did so aggressively.

"From what I am told, when he exited the house he had the gun in hand and had made the motion to raise the gun in an aggressive manner and went directly towards the officers," Mitchell explained. "It's known to me at this moment we had five to six shots that were fired. Those shots were fired from five to six separate officers."

Mitchell says first-aid was administered on scene.

The officers are being placed on administrative leave while the Illinois State Police investigate the shooting.

ISP isn't the only group with eyes on the investigation.

"We're after the facts first to see what exactly happened before I form an opinion or give an opinion," said Rev Marvin Hightower, president of the Peoria NAACP. " I need to gather the data and then we will proceed from there, but I just want the community to know that myself, as well as the NAACP as well as those other faith community leaders are definitely gonna be tracking this very closely to make sure that justice will be done."

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