Traffic deaths up 4% since 2016

PEORIA, Il -  

Traffic deaths are up 4% in the first six months of 2017. In Illinois, there have been 22 more deaths this year compared to the same time in 2016, 516 in total. Safety experts have attributed the rise in traffic deaths to more people on the roadways due to low gas prices and an improving economy.


Debbie Hersman, President and CEO of National Safety Council says, "Everyday we lose 100 people on our roadways this is the equivalent of losing 2 regional jets every day."


Hersman says our behavior behind the wheel is also a major factor.


"Our vehicles are safer than ever, we have advanced technology, we can survive crashes because of better design and engineering.  But what we're seeing that we really haven't become safer drivers," Hersman added.


Distracted drivers, drinking while driving and speeding are the three leading causes of traffic deaths. Peoria county Sherriff Brian Asbell believes drivers are too dependent on the technology that surrounds them.


“Drivers need to  focus on the road itself. They need to focus on what's in front of them what's behind them, peripherals vision that should be their primary concern,” Asbell said.



Sheriff Asbell want to remind everyone of Scott's Law, if you see emergency responders or other drivers pulled over, it's your duty to slow down and move over

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