Twin City locals mourn Normal West High School student

NORMAL, Ill. - Students and staff at a high school in the Twin Cities are mourning the loss of a friend and student.

Olivia Sonetz is being remembered as a feisty, passionate competitor. The 17-year-old attended Normal West High School. She was in a car crash on Tuesday night as she headed home from softball practice. 23-year-old Mitchel Mohr is accused of running a red light, causing the wreck.
"Lots of students were connected to Livi Sonetz," said Dave Johnson, Normal West High School Principal. "She was part of the softball team, she was a mentor in our freshman mentoring program. And she's just a very charismatic student."

Sonetz was a senior, months away from graduation. Normal West had counselors and comfort dogs available to students and staff on Wednesday. Principal Johnson said though some students chose not to attend school for a few days, most wanted to be with others who loved Livi.

"This was kind of a place to be if you were connected to Livi, so that you could work through the grief that everybody was feeling," said Johnson.

Softball coach April Schermann, has since spent a lot of time with her team. Schermann said, "Livi Sonetz will be forever remembered by her teammates and coaches as a feisty, passionate competitor. She was the life of the party and her infectious personality made everyone smile and laugh. She was determined to become a leader, prove everyone wrong and never give up. We will live on for Livi."

Sonetz may be gone, but her family, friends and peers are remembering the way she lived her life.

"Just full of energy," said Johnson. "She's the type of person that just, again, connects to a lot of different people. Whether they had classes with her or not, she was just someone that was well-known here at Normal West High School."

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