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Two local girls make it into the big leagues of tumbling

PEKIN - Right here in Pekin, two athletes are celebrating something that some can only dream of.

Tasha Williams is a 12 year old tumbler. She says, "I've been to competitions before, but I've never competed out of the country before."

Morgan Vermillion is a 14 year old tumbler. She says, "I always wanted to go, but to be selected for this I'm like really honored and happy to be a part of the team."

Morgan Vermillion and Tasha Williams will be representing U.S.A. in the 2017 World Age Group competition all the way in Sofia, Bulgaria. Their competition... is power tumbling.

Vermillion says, "You would run down and start your pass and it's like a series of 8 skills that you'll do and then at the end you'll go up into a high skill and then you'll land it on the mat at the end." For these girls, tumbling is more than just an event... It's their life.

"I've been tumbling here since I was 7," says Vermillion. Williams says, "I kind of grew up in the gym and I was adopted and the first place I went after I was adopted was the gym, so the gym was like my second home."

For Morgan to be 1 of 4 girls selected in her age group, and Tasha 1 of just 2 in hers, It's a dream come true.

Williams says, "Excited and happy and nervous, but like a good nervous. I've come all of this way and I've made something that not a lot of people can do so yeah."

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