26th Annual Duck Raise Raises Money for The Center For Prevention of Abuse

Published 08/23 2014 06:19PM

Updated 08/23 2014 06:20PM

PEORIA - Yes, those were rubber ducks you saw in the Illinois River Saturday, thousands of them

"We're just clipping twenty three thousand," said The Center for Prevention of Abuse Executive Director Martha Herm.

But why are they there?

Herm said, "We thought it was really important to have a fun event to get people to pay attention to the Center."

This is the 26th year The Center for Prevention of Abuse has held the Duck Race, which raises money to help victims of sexual and domestic violence. It only cost five dollars to enter a duck.

One group, Hope Does Shine, bought over a thousand ducks.

They have witnessed, firsthand, how serious domestic violence can be.

Group Spokesperson Donna Aleffi said, "My niece was a victim of domestic violence, so we decided to do something in her remembrance."

The group says they know how important the money raised can be for the Center.

Aleffi said, "It brings attention to everybody that there's so many things the Center has to offer - counseling, shelter, food."

Herm added, "It really is the prevention of domestic violence, sexual assault, elder abuse for the future. To expand services that we want to do but we don't have contracts for."

And although the duck race is a fun way to raise money, it is meant to help stop such a serious problem.

Aleffi said, "It's letting people know that if something happens, they do have a place to go to, they don't have to stay there and be a victim."

The Center for Prevention of Abuse raised over $115,000 on the ducks alone.

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