Bloomington Preps for Amtrak Upgrades

Published 06/24 2014 09:46PM

Updated 06/24 2014 10:22PM

BLOOMINGTON - The Town of Normal has received most of the attention for its major railroad renovations, but its Twin City counterpart could have an equally busy construction season.

The intersection at Market and Morris in Bloomington will be closed this summer, as crews work to prepare the route for Amtrak’s high speed rail project.

Support beams and the deck will be taken out and the opening beneath the bridge will all be wider and better after work is done. Other segments will have higher fences added and crossing improvements

"All of that impacts our citizens, but also there's some other side benefits. There's some different roads that are going to be improved as part of it. There's going to be curb and gutter and asphalt work. And, so there's going to be some improved crossings that are our citizens are going to be able to see as well,” said Jim Karch, Bloomington’s public works director.

City council members are working on a way to save a mural located underneath the market street bridge. The total cost of the Amtrak project will be about $1.5 billion to prepare the line from St. Louis to Chicago.

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